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Cyber Crime : Introduction

Cyber crime is not an old sort of crime to the world. It is defined as any criminal activity which takes place on or over the medium of computers or internet or other technology recognised by the Information Technology Act. Cyber crime is the most prevalent crime playing a devastating role in Modern India. Not only the criminals are causing enormous losses to the society and the government but are also able to conceal their identity to a great extent. There are number of illegal activities which are committed over the internet by technically skilled criminals. Taking a wider interpretation it can be said that, Cyber crime includes any illegal activity where computer or internet is either a tool or target or both.

The term cyber crime may be judicially interpreted in some judgments passed by courts in India, however it is not defined in any act or statute passed by the Indian Legislature. Cyber crime is an uncontrollable evil having its base in the misuse of growing dependence on computers in modern life. Usage of computer and other allied technology in daily life is growing rapidly and has become an urge which facilitates user convenience. It is a medium which is infinite and immeasurable. Whatsoever the good internet does to us, it has its dark sides too.1 Some of the newly emerged cybercrimes are cyber-stalking, cyber-terrorism, e-mail spoofing, e-mail bombing, cyber pornography, cyber- defamation etc. Some conventional crimes may also come under the category of cybercrimes if they are committed through the medium of computer or Internet.

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