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Choose the Branch Of Law and then enter a Filename (Topic):

Filename merely represents name of the .txt file in which your Article will be stored in our server.It is most appropriate to enter your Topic as filename. Example bail,contract. First Heading in your article will be choosen as it's title.

Only registered users can Publish an Article in LawPage. If you haven't registered yet simply click here to register.

How to Publish an Article?

  1. Register on LawPage.In (It is absolutely free).
  2. Click on Write an Article (You are already here).
  3. Choose your subject from the drop down menu and enter your topic and click on create new page.
  4. Completely read everything on the new page that appear. Once you have read, proceed to the input text area (edit box).
  5. Use H button in the editor to add a heading. First heading of the Article will be considered its Title.
  6. Thereafter type or paste your article below the heading/title of your Article.
  7. Once you have finished click on preview, if everything seems alright click on save.
  8. Once you click on save your Article will be published online. You can copy the url of your Article and share it with others.
  9. You can always edit your Articles.


Before you create a new page to write your article remember that:

  • You cannot add external links in your article.
  • Article must contain atleast 2000 words (i.e, minimum 10000 characters).
  • Article must contain headings and atleast 5 sub-headings.
  • Information about the author can only be added at the end of the article.


Refer above links for technical instructions on how to write article.