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Tort Law Notes

The 'Law of Torts' is a fascinating subject to the student of law. It is in this area that he finds a plethora of decided cases with reasons most appreciable and illuminative, the judges in many cases, treading the virgin soil enunciating a fundamental principle hither to unknown to a case on hand, rendering their decisions, with the utmost dexterity of a matured craftsman.Law of Torts Equity, justice and good conscience seem to be the 'guiding stars' to them in a majority of these decisions. The law of torts in India (as in most common law jurisdictions), is largely uncodified law. The importance of judicial contribution to its development is thus obvious. This note is intended to cover Definition, Nature, Scope and Objects of Tort and Justification of torts .If you wish to add more contents here simply register and write an article.

Notes on Law of Torts

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