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SVNL Law College 2020 Women And Criminal Law VI SEM


(24 Marks. Each Question carries 4 Marks) Answer Any Six Questions

  1. Child labour
  2. Personal Laws
  3. Discrimination
  4. Adultery
  5. Maternity benefit
  6. Sexual harassment
  7. Domestic violence
  8. Matrimonial property
  9. Equal remuneration
  10. Rape
  11. Dowry Uniform Civil Code
  12. Women’s Estate
  13. Bigamy
  14. Cruelty against married women
  15. Idath period
  16. Registration of marriages
  17. Escheat


(36 Marks. Each Question carries 18 Marks) Answer Any Two Questions

  1. Explain the position of women during post – independence period and the constitutional provisions for the protection of women.
  2. Explain the nature and concept of divorce under the Christian Law.
  3. Explain the Law relating to sexual harassment.
  4. Discuss the various crimes against women.
  5. Discuss the various divorce grounds of a Hindu women.
  6. Explain the salient features of dowry prohibition Act 1961.
  7. Illustrate the special features of the domestic violence Act.
  8. What are the root causes of violence against married women.


(40 Marks. Each Question carries 20 Marks) Answer Any Two Questions

  1. X died in 2005 leaving 2 sons A and B and 2 daughters C and D and wife Y. Whether 2 daughters can have share in the property of X as inheritance?
  2. Roop Kanwar died under sati and thousands of Rajputs and local Minister attended that funeral. What sort of legal action can be taken by the police.
  3. Ramu the male worker received Rs.300/- per day and Sita received Rs.200/- for the same work. Whether it can be questioned before Court of Law.
  4. Hussain who is staying in USA. After heated discussion with his wife uttered triple Talaq. Whether it is valid or not?
  5. A and B are wife and husband married under the custom of their community. A is aged 14 years and B is aged 20 years. B commits sexual intercourse with A. Is B guilty of any offence? Decide.
  6. A and B belong to different castes but they are in love. The elders do not agree for their marriage. A abates B to commit suicide. B committed suicide. Decide A’s liability.
  7. X transferred his property to a male child in the womb of Y. Y delivered to a female child. Decide.
  8. Ramu and Rani married under Hindu rites and ceremonies. After 2 years Ramu converted as a Muslim. Rani wants to get divorce. Advice.