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Jurisprudence Question Paper , April 2020

Law degree examination – April, 2020.
Second semester 3 years LLB/3 years LLB (hons).

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100


Answer any SIX questions. Each question carries 4 marks. (6 x 4 = 24 marks)

  1. Sanction
  2. Locus Standi
  3. Ratio
  4. Positive law
  5. Volksgeist
  6. Grundnorm
  7. State


Answer any TWO questions. Each question carries 18 marks. (2 x 18 = 36 marks)

  1. Write a detail note on Legislation as a source of law.
  2. Jurisprudence is knowledge of law – Discuss.
  3. Explain the basic structure Doctrine.
  4. Explain law as a means of social control.


Answer any TWO questions. Each question carries 20 marks. (2 x 20 = 40 marks)

  1. The Government issued certain orders to acquire land for public purpose. The local people opposed and alleged that it in the source of their livelihood and could not service if they leave that land. Decide.
  2. The appropriate Government made certain rules and regulations upon certain aspects to avoid child labour and also to control the crime rate in the society. Some sectors in society challenged these laws. Decide.
  3. ‘A’ threw or lighted Squib into a market place. It fell upon ‘B’ who threw it away from him. ‘C’ did the same. It fell upon ‘D’ and exploded causing damage to one of his eyes. Is ‘A’ liable to ‘D’? Decide.
  4. ‘A’ is driver of ‘B’ and ‘A’ asked him to go to Railway station to pickup his wife on his way vehicle hit a cyclist and injured. What is the liability of ‘B’? Decide.