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Environmental Law, April 2020

Law degree examination – April, 2020.
Second semester 3 years LLB/3 years LLB (hons).

Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100


Answer any SIX questions. Each question carries 4 marks. (6 x 4 = 24 marks)

  1. Nuclear radiation
  2. Wetland
  3. Ninth schedule
  4. Rio summit
  5. Environmental fund
  6. Right to development
  7. Nuisance
  8. Biospheres


Answer any TWO questions. Each question carries 18 marks. (2 x 18 = 36 marks)

  1. Elucidate the concept of sustainable development.
  2. Discuss the features and objectives of Environment (protection) Act, 1986.
  3. Explain as to how the environment is protected thru public interest litigation.
  4. Define hunting? why hunting is prohibited in respect of wild animals? Explain the penalties under Wild life protection Act, 1972 that can be imposed if wild animals are hunted.


Answer any TWO questions. Each question carries 20 marks. (2 x 20 = 40 marks)

  1. Chemical pesticides were kept in godown in residential area. Fumes emanating from pesticides leaked to contiguous property resulted in the death of three children and an infant in the womb. Decide the relief to be awarded under law.
  2. There is stench and stink caused by open drains, effluents from alcohol plant flowing into streets and poor sanitation thru excretion by nearby slum dwellers in a colony in a city. The people in the colony brought their grievance to the concerned authorities of the city. But the authorities didn't take any action to remove the problem by saying that they have no money. Advise the people of colony.
  3. A monument of international refits has lost its shining due to emissions by a refinery and industries around and ambient air around the monument is polluted. Decide.
  4. There was illegal limestone mining in a particular region. Petitioners challenged it before court thru a letter alleging that such mining activity is causing devastation to the fragile ecosystems in the region – Decide.