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Company Law (Five Year Integrated) Degree Examination, Kerala University August 2016

Max. Marks : 80
Time : 3 Hours
Write short note on any five of the following in not exceeding 50 words. Each question carries 2 marks :

  1. Private limited company.
  2. Who is a promoter ?
  3. Shelf prospectus.
  4. Estoppel created by a share certificate.
  5. Preference shares.
  6. Dividend.
  7. Reconstruction of a company.

Answer any four of the following questions in not exceeding 120 words. Each question carries 4 marks : (4×4—16 Marks)

  1. Explain the term “Just and equitable” for the purpose of compulsory winding up.
  2. Examine the rule in “Royal British Bank V. Turquand” with exceptions.
  3. What is debenture ? Distinguish between registered debentures and bearer debentures.
  4. Who is a member ? Name the ways in which a person can become a member of a company.
  5. What is meant by resolutions ? Distinguish between ordinary resolutions and special resolutions.