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Hindu Law Notes

Hindu Law is a personal law which is a category of special law. Hindu law is not lex loci,that means the relevant law is not the law of the locality, place or territory, but laws of personal status of being belonged to Hindu religion.Hindu Law Notes It applies only to Hindus and only in respect of certain matters - such as marriage, adoption and maintenance, minority and guardianship, joint family, partition, succession etc. Section 2 of the Hindu Marriage Act,1955 explains who are Hindus.

If you are a law student these notes not only help you with your LLB exams but also in preparing for Judicial service exam. If you wish to add more contents here simply register and write an article. Your article will be published instantly and you can modify it anytime.

Notes on Hindu Law

This work on Hindu Law is exclusively meant for academic purposes and for enhancing teaching and learning. Majority of the work is contributed by Adv. Sunil Sharma, author of more than 40 books on Law. These notes cover important topics for all major law related exams in India.The relevant portions of the statues are embodied in note at the appropriate places. Landmark decisions with citations are provided in the material for reference.

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