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Top 30 cases where mental cruelty did by wife

1.SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: Dated 5 January 2007 “Demand for Domestic Expenses is not dowry”

2. DELHI HIGH COURT “False 498A Being The Basis For A Divorce and False complaint family arrest ground for Divorce “ 3. MADHYA PRADESH HIGH COURT: Dated 18 January 1996 “Divorce on filling False 498a and defame”.

4. ALLAHABAD HIGH COURT: Dated 4 February 2003 “False complaints by Wife eligible for Divorce”.

5. KERALA HIGH COURT: Dated 30 January 1997 “Filling Many Cases Lead to Divorce”

6. MADRAS HIGH COURT: Dated 15 December, 2006 “DNA test for paternity and Divorce”.

7.MADHYA PRADESH HIGH COURT: Dated 13 April 2006 “Divorce on False case, cruelty and desertion”

8. MUMBAI HIGH COURT: Dated 4 April 2007 “Ex-parte divorce to the husband when acquitted in 498a”.

9. MADHYA PRADESH HIGH COURT: Dated 13 April 2006 “Divorce on False case, cruelty, and desertion”.

10. DELHI HIGH COURT: Dated 13 December 2010 “Marriage between a Hindu and non-Hindu under HMA not valid”.

11.PUNJAB HARYANA HIGH COURT: Dated 4 February 2010 “ 6 Months waiver in divorce”.

12. HIMACHAL PRADESH HIGH COURT: Dated 18 November 1996 “ Burden is upon the woman to establish the paternity”.

13.MADHYA PRADESH HIGH COURT: Dated 28 February 2003 “Cruelty and Desertion grounds for Divorce”.

14.MADRAS HIGH COURT: Dated 26 July 2006 “Divorce on Denial of Sex”.

15. MADRAS HIGH COURT: Dated 21 July 2005 “Divorce on Cruelty, Desertion and Non consummated Marriage”.

16. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: Dated 09-07-1991 “Conditions for the validity of Foreign Divorce Decree (NRI)”.

17. ANDHRA HIGH COURT: Dated 24 July 2006 “Divorce on impotency and Cruelty”.

18. MUMBAI HIGH COURT: Dated 2008 “Repeated Suicide threats amounts cruelty divorce ground”.

19. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: Dated 2 May 1969 “ Divorce on No consummated Marriage”.

20.MUMBAI HIGH COURT “Wife guilty of desertion & cruelty”.

21.MUMBAI HIGH COURT “Dissolution of the marriage on the ground of desertion and cruelty”.

22.DELHI HIGH COURT: Dated 7 January 2010 “ 1 Year Separation before filling Section 13B and Waiver”.

23.SUPREME COURT OF INDIA “Irretrievable Breakdown Grounds for Divorce”.

24. MUMBAI HIGH COURT Wild allegations against spouse is cruelty

25. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: Dated 7 November 2008 “ Pregnancy Aborted Divorce Granted “.

26. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: Dated 12 May 2010 “No Need to Wait for Six Months”.

27.SUPREME COURT OF INDIA: Dated 6 July 2010 “ No Divorce for own misdeeds”

28.DELHI HIGH COURT: Dated 12 February 2008 “Mutual divorce and 6 Month Waiting Period”

29.ANDHRA HIGH COURT: Dated 5 October 2001 “Audio / Video Evidence, in Dowry Harassment Divorce case”.

30. MUMBAI HIGH COURT “Hindu Marriage Act not applicable to NRIs”

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