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Characteristics of Cyber Crime

The Concept of cyber crime is very different from the traditional crime. Also due to the growth of Internet Technology, this crime has gained serious and unfettered attention as compared to the traditional crime. So it is necessary to examine the peculiar characteristics of cyber crime.

People with specialized knowledge

Cyber crimes can only be committed through the technology, thus to commit this kind of crime one has to be very skilled in internet and computers and internet to commit such a crime. The people who have committed cyber crime are well educated and have deep understanding of the usability of internet, and that’s made work of police machinery very difficult to tackle the perpetrators of cyber crime.

Geographical challenges

In cyberspace the geographical boundaries reduced to zero. A cyber criminal in no time sitting in any part of the world commit crime in other corner of world. For example a hacker sitting in India hack in the system placed in United States.

Virtual World

The act of cyber crime takes place in the cyber space and the criminal who is committing this act is physically outside the cyber space. Every activity of the criminal while committing that crime is done over the virtual world.

Collection of Evidence

It is very difficult to collect evidence of cyber crime and prove them in court of law due to the nature of cyber crime. The criminal in cyber crime invoke jurisdiction of several countries while committing the cyber crime and at the same time he is sitting some place safe where he is not traceable.

Magnitude of crime unimaginable

The cyber crime has the potential of causing injury and loss of life to an extent which cannot be imagined. The offences like cyber terrorism, cyber pornography etc. has wide reach and it can destroy the websites, steal data of the companies in no time.

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