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Constitutional Law Notes

Constitutional Law is that part of the law dealing with the organisation, fundamental institutions and the basic frame work of the Sovereign State structure. Constitutional law notes Indian Polity is a must-know subject for every UPSC aspirant. And lawpage makes the task easier when one has to refer to the Constitution every now and then.These notes gives a know-how to understand the basic political system within the framework established by the Constitution.

If you are a law student these notes will help you study for your LLB exams and for Judiciary Prelims examination. In case if you wish to add more contents here simply register and write an article.

Notes on Constitution of India

This is a compilation work on constitutional law and is exclusively meant for academic purposes and for enhancing teaching and learning. These notes cover important topics for all major law related exams in India.The relevant articles of the Constitution of India are embodied in note at the appropriate places. Major part of the note is taken from study materials released by NIOS1) published under Creative Commons license2).

Articles on Constitution of India

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