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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

A dispute is a product of unresolved conflict. Conflict can simply be viewed as the result of the differences which make individuals unique and the different expectations individuals bring to life. There is increasing recognition that while many disputes can be resolved, there is no single formula to decide which resolution process is suitable for or appropriate to a conflict situation. Alternative Dispute Resolution notes There are many variations in relation to disputes: the range of subject matters is very wide; within any category, a multitude of issues can arise; various factors can influence parties who disagree; and there are some conflicts which are not readily amenable to dispute resolution processes. Therefore, the challenging aspects of alternative dispute resolution is to determine which process is most appropriate for a particular dispute.

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Notes on ADR

This work on ADR is exclusively meant for academic purposes and for enhancing teaching and learning. These notes cover important topics for all major law related exams in India.The relevant portions of the statues are embodied in note at the appropriate places. Landmark decisions with citations are provided in the material for reference.

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